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New EP 'Shadows in Dark Light' Out Now on iTunes & Limited Release CD!

Shadows in Dark Light


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Renegade Trix

The Ideology of Renegade Trix :

To produce tracks with an obvious synthetic / electronic nature.
You won't find any real instruments here (except the occasional sampler-mangled hybrid of what used to be a 'real' instrument). Trax may take 10 minutes, 2 weeks or years (of 'intermittent' evolution) to produce... It's not about genres, trends or hype... it's just about jamming with the machines.

The Mechanix of Renegade Trix :

Electronic music created with technologies spanning 4 decades- a temperamental mixture of solid state, digital & 'circuit bent' machinery interlinked in an uneasy network; synthesizers, samplers, beatboxes & twisted speech synthesisers... usually under the control of an ageing 8mhz Atari (if it ain't broke, don't fix it!).

Discography :

jaded evolution ep radikal basix ep pure backroom synthetix ep Shadows in Dark Light ep

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Influences :

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