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Selected History: RENEGADE TRIX Instruments

Roland Jupiter 6 [1983]
Analogue polysynth.

Rare analogue polysynth, huge warm sound, factory MIDI, reliable & built like a tank. I've heard this side by side with another Jupiter 6 [the later version with MIDI thru] & this thing is more edgier; warmer/grittier.
Rare machine due to the fact when it came out musicians were seduced by digital, thanks to the Yamaha DX7. I first saw one of these as a kid on the back of an old 'Keyboard' magazine & knew I had to have one, I tracked one down years later & was not disappointed!

Roland TR-808 [1981]
Analogue drum machine.

The ELECTRO machine! The best drum machine ever made; organic, hypnotic... this one has been MIDI retrofitted.

Roland SH-2 [1978]
Analogue Mono Synth.

Rare 2VCO+sub Beast.
It looks like it came out of a cold-war Soviet submarine & packs as much devastating punch! Love it...

Roland SH-101 [1982]
Analogue Mono Synth.

My very first synthesiser! I learned the basics on this baby & I love it as much as the first day I plugged it in. This was the only synth I had as a 15 year old [along with a cheap flanger pedal & tape deck], so would make tape dubs, building up washed out collages of soundscapes.
A very versatile & reliable synth, it will never leave my side [not even when I'm dead]

Roland MC-202 [1983]
Analogue Mono Synth/Sequencer.

Awesome bleep machine! Basically this is a 2 channel CV/Gate sequencer with a Roland SH-101 synthesiser bolted on, but with the added benefit of programmable Accent & Slide [features found on the Roland TB-303].
Apparently the rarest Roland machine ever in terms of number produced.

Creamware Minimax [2006]
Minimoog Clone.

German remake of the original classic 70's Moog, the best replication yet, has all the balls of the original but with 21st century control.

Creamware Pro-12 [2006]
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Clone.

German remake of the original classic 70's Prophet 5, has a lot of the character of the original with modern control & MIDI.

Roland V-Synth V2 [2005]
Hybrid Performance Synthesiser

A true powerhouse of a synth, an instant classic. Digital Synthesis & Analog Modelling, Variphrase Sampling, TimeTrip pad & twin D-Beam sensors, awesome effects, touchscreen & intuitive layout. A programmer's dream machine.

Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard [2009]
Digital Hybrid Synthesiser

Another great German machine. Produces some classic 80's PPG type digital tones, as well as dark textures & 'in yer face' industrial mayhem! Sexy, minimalistic looks in an all metal shell.

Kawai K5000s [1996]
Digital Additive Synthesiser.

Exceptionally deep programming, not for the faint-hearted, due to the fact the presets aren't real inspiring... I've programmed this one extensively, it's got some of the best swirly pads & metallic soundscapes in my studio...

E-mu Emax II [1992]
16 bit Stereo Sampler

My favourite sampler with a very distinctive sound, it colours the original sample in a 'warm' way... like melting chocolate! Amazing filters [and surprise- they're digital].

I bought this one new in London years ago [it had been found new/boxed at the warehouse of the UK distributor]. I had to man handle the huge heavy box onto the Tube, my arms were on fire lugging that bastard, but it was definitely worth it.

I know this machine inside out, it's my secret weapon- just don't ask me to reveal it's secrets...

Typhoon 4800 [2009]
Analogue Mixing Console [48 channels].

Large format analogue mixing console - [it wouldn't look out of place on the Starship Enterprise Bridge!] - Excellent tight & clear sound.... & the power supply weighs more than your average DJ...

Sequential Circuits TOM [1985]
Digital Drum Machine.

This machine was among the last products made by US company Sequential Circuits; didn't sell too well at the time, so quite rare these days. Basically it's a great thumping drum machine [widely detuneable sounds]. Compliments the 808 well. Crunchy & punchy!

Ensoniq SD-1 [1991]
Wavetable Synthesiser Workstation

Another secret weapon that I've extensively programmed, I've coaxed some of the hugest sounds known to mankind from this monster; being able to effectively stack 6 Waves/Osc per sound. This particular unit is the final '32 Voice' version from the now defunct American company.

Quick comments on others that serve:

Ensoniq ESQM - [1987] - fat warm sounds...
Oberheim Matrix 6R - [1985] - Huge, warm classic analogue sound!
Roland Juno 106 - [1984] - analogue workhorse
Korg Wavestation SR - [1992] - silky smooth pads...
MAM MB33 mkII - [1998] - rare TB-303 clone
Roland VP-9000 - [2000] - elastic audio manipulator


Korg MS2000 - [2000] - modern classic
Korg Poly 61 - [1983] - highly underated analogue, powerful lively sound...
Yamaha TX81z - [1987] - FM classic
Kawai K1r - [1988] - classic lofi digisynth...
Mattel Synsonics - [1982] - when is a toy not a toy?

Mattel Synsonics

KtroniK ORB-80 - [2003] - Custom built to spec by my good mate Kez @ K-TroniK. This is a heavily modded, circuit-bent, early 80's Speak & Spell fitted into a vintage game-joystick body. Features include a pulsating ORB triggered by the inbuilt LFO clock.



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