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Influences & All Time Favourite Trax:

Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle [1979]
style: synth rock

My first [& favourite!] album,
I heard 'Cars' on tv as a kid & was hooked. I got the album & was blown away! I played the vinyl to death... this was the only record I owned for 2 years & it got played almost everyday.
This is the album that got me into synthesisers & music!
I still dig it out occasionally & it still sounds fresh & exciting to me today.

The perfect album, every track a classic...

Kraftwerk - Computer World [1981]
style: electro synth-pop

My first introduction to Kraftwerk was on the radio while in the US; at the time I didn't know what the track was called or who the band were but it had a profound effect on me,
the futuristic robotic beats & catchy synth riffs left me wanting more. I rediscovered them upon returning to the UK & got to hear the whole album... 'Numbers/Computer World' is the perfect electronic track... earth shattering at the time [to me] & still holds it's own today.

Kraftwerk's finest hour - a masterpiece!

Devo - New Traditionalists [1981]
style: synth rock

I became familiar with Devo while living in Florida [my parents moved from the UK, where Devo were pretty much unknown]. I first heard Devo in a soundtrack to a cult semi-porn manga style movie ['Heavy Metal' 1981], the track was 'Through Being Cool'; I tracked down the album & was hooked.
Stand out tracks on this album: 'Going Under', 'Race of Doom' & 'Super Thing'

John Foxx - Metamatic [1980]
style: dark synthpop

A little known classic, a British take on the fresh electronic sound emerging out of the late 70's. Dark alienated synth hooks, stark metal beats- yet ultimately catchy tunes...
My favourite tracks: '030', 'Underpass' & 'Plaza'

Future Sound of London - Lifeforms [1994]
style: ambient electronica

'Lifeforms' has some truly beautiful moments.
Future Sound of London are unequalled as creators of lush dreamscapes...
FSOL have sinced moved on to a more 60's psychedelic sound around real instruments, but this album embraces the overtly technological.

The ultimate 90's ambient album from the masters- all other contenders are pretenders... Standout tracks: 'Cascade', 'Domain' & 'Eggshell'

Orbital - Insides [1997]
style: electronica

For me the classic Orbital album - some great dark, warm, fuzzy tracks, with spatterings of 808 on a few epic tracks... the standouts are: 'The Girl With the Sun in Her Head', 'P.E.T.R.O.L' & 'Out There Somewhere'

Boards of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children [1998]
style: ambient/electronica

Warm, faded & degraded nostalgic memories you can't quite put your finger on.
Pure emotive genius.
my favourites: 'Roygbiv', 'Sixtyten', 'Olson' & 'Happy Cycling'

Renegade Trix's All Time Favourite Electronic Trax:

‘Numbers/Computer World’ - Kraftwerk
‘Films’ - Gary Numan
‘030’ – John Foxx
‘Rockit’ – Herbie Hancock
‘Tour De France’ – Kraftwerk
‘Going Under’- Devo
‘Sealand’ - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
‘In Yer Face’ - 808 State
‘Xtal’ - Aphex Twin
‘Fat Cat’ - Amorphous Androgynous
‘Polygon Window’ - Polygon Window
‘Cascade’ - Future Sound of London
‘Tears from the Compound Eye’ - Boards of Canada
‘Out There Somewhere’ - Orbital
‘8's Revenge’ - Altern 8
‘Kalifornia’ - Fat Boy Slim
‘Hot Stuff’ - Roni Size / Reprazent
‘Flatbeat’ - Mr Oizo
‘Eple’ - Royksopp
‘Light Fantastic’ - Plump DJs

Influential Trax:

‘Oxygene IV’ - Jean Michel Jarre
‘End Titles From Bladerunner’ - Vangelis
‘Sparrowfall 3’ - Brian Eno
'Merry Xmas Mr Lawrence' - Ryuichi Sakamoto
‘Das Boot Filmmusik’ - Klaus Doldinger
‘Vienna’ – Ultravox
‘People Are People’ - Depeche Mode
‘Planet Rock’ – Afrika Bambaata
'Don't Go' - Yazoo
‘Blue Monday’ – New Order


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