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The Renegade Trix studio, 'Elektronik-Sun', is based in a backroom deep in the heart of Australia's capital city. It's electronic music done the 'old fashioned' way. No virtual studio that fits in your laptop. A ton of electronics & tons of spaghetti (cables!).

I like simplicity in a track, less is usually more ('Numbers', by Kraftwerk for instance). I prefer the 'real' raw sound of an electronic instrument, as opposed to sampling it, & as a result have learned to accept the limitations a 30 year old synth can place on MIDI programming 'options' I have within a track (too bad if I can't use velocity on the filter of that '83 Jupiter 6!). I'll gladly forego the control for the 'sound' of electricity passing through 'solid state'... that's not to say that my digital machines & samplers don't have their place, of course... every machine has it's strengths.

I enjoy taking old, superceded technology, and re-exploring it's potential in creating music it was never intended for... there's something warm & nostalgic about delving into the digital guts of a long forgotten machine & finding new uses for it, especially given the fact that technology is really just a trend or fashion of it's day, and the features on most machines of the past were just flirted with before consumers bought the next big thing... that's why if you scan my studio, you'll find machines that can be delved into quite deeply...
I get as much of a buzz programming the synths & drum machines as I do constructing the trax.

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